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Management Announcement

It has been a difficult year for the club. Struggles with financing, fundraising, player commitment and more have led management to have to pull out of the Evergreen Premier League with 3 games to go in the season.

This has been a tragic day in the clubs history and we are very saddened to have to make this announcement. That being said, we are committed to trying to get all of these new challenges sorted in the coming months.

We are currently going through a restructuring of the club that we hope will bring about more stability and an even greater product both for fans and participants. This club was created to fill a void left behind when Olympic College cancelled their soccer program. Since that day in 2015 the Force has been the only place for 40 miles in any direction, on the west side of the sound, for players that wanted to play after youth/high school soccer. We are working hard to find solutions to our issues and we will have our men's and women's indoor teams playing at Bremerton Sports Center this winter.

Thank you to all those that came out and supported over the last year and if anyone out there is interested in helping, working, volunteering or just has any ideas that might be helpful, please email us at

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