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Academy Level 9-12
Intermediate Level 13-15
Goalkeeping Class 8-17

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8 week session starts 3.22.24 ends 5.19.24
Cost: $140.00 Required Jersey: $35

The Oly-Pen Force is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for the youth in sports.  We are committed to helping to grow the youth sports community as well as the abilities of the youth to encourage growth as athletes and as people.

The Force Development Program is designed to be the next step in progression for the development of the youth player.  The FDP will help the youth player to improve their individual abilities on the field whether to play at a higher level or just to improve ball mastery for greater enjoyment of the game.

Our classes focus on individual abilities and small sided tactics like passing, movement, dribbling, defending, communication and control.  Our Goalkeeper class focuses on form and function of playing the position both as being the last line of defense but also as the first line of offense through ball skills and distribution.

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