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Lower League E-Cup for the Force

Lower League E-Cup, an online Fifa 20 tournament for the lower league clubs and supporters in the US, begins on April 1st. The Force will be competing in both the PS4 and XBOX platforms.

On the PS4 platform, the Force will be represented by Forward Colin Ralston. A 4 year Force veteran, Ralston will be looking to advance through a group with Protagonist Soccer (Media), Oly Town Artesians (EPLWA), Port City FC (NPSL), Des Moines Menace (USL2), Duluth FC (NPSL), and Lone Star Republic (UPSL). The first match for Colin will be on Saturday April 4th, at 2:00pm (5 pm eastern)

On the XBOX platform, the Force will be represented by Goal Keeper Cole Weaver. A 3 year veteran of the Force, Weaver will be matched up with Union Dubuque FC (MWPL), Dynamo FC - St. Cloud (MASL), Laredo Heat SC (NPSL), Colorado Rush (USL2), and Grays Harbor Gulls FC (WWPL). The first match for Cole will take place at 12:30pm (3:30 eastern) on April 4th.

The Force will be represented in the games by using Virtus Entella from the Italian Serie B. The entire schedule for all the platforms including more information about how to watch the games on Twitch can be found on the website at

We will post updates on their results and more information on viewing as they become available. Good Luck Boys!


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