NWPL Olympic Force Coaches

NWPL Olympic Force Coaches

We are excited to announce our coaching staff for the 2017 season.  We welcome back Harbor Premier Technical Director and General Manager Jason Jarrett for his second season as the head coach.  Last year was a learning period where Jason took the time to evaluate how best to handle the team in an amateur atmosphere.  He is looking forward to building on those lessons from last year to grow the women's team into a consistent contender in the NWPL.

Adding to the women's staff, we are thrilled to bring in Harbor Premier Youth Director Mitch James.  Mitch has spent some time with the men's team over the last 2 years both in a playing and coaching role and will now move over to the women's side to team up with Jarrett to bring even more coaching talent to the table. 

"One of the difficulties of having a coach in this league is that the league only lasts for a few short months and the coaches have other coaching responsibilities with their full time youth clubs.  That being the case we think that having two quality coaches on staff that also work together on a daily basis with the youth club, can do nothing but benefit the ladies that are coming in to get high level training and playing experience with the Force". -Micah McMonagle, GM

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