NWPL Lady Force Fall Short in Salem

NWPL Lady Force Fall Short in Salem

5.20.18 (pics below)

The Lady Force traveled all the way to Salem last Sunday to take on Capital FC in NWPL league play.

It was an intense, back and forth game that had plenty of action for everyone.  In the first 5 minutes of the game, the Force pressed the CFC goal hard with 3 shots, one that hit the cross bar, and a corner kick.  Unfortunately for the Force, they weren't' able to put the ball in the goal off the corner and a quick counter attack ensued.  The Force recovered well but a low cross was sent in that hand-cuffed GK Ricci Wiedbrecht and the loose ball dropped right to the feet of the CFC attacker.  The Force were down 1-0 in the first 5 minutes. 

Over the next 5 minutes, the Force continued their onslaught of the CFC goal.  3 more good chances without Capital really posing a threat at the other end but the ball just wasn't finding the net for the visitors.  In the 10th minute, an awkward deflection happened to put a CFC forward through the back line and in on goal.  Wiedbrecht did what she could 1 v 1 but was unable to prevent the goal and the Lady Force were down 2-0.

For the next 30 minutes, the game was back and forth.  The Force had some good chances but were unable to find the net and CFC pressed the Force goal but Wiedbrecht upped her game with 7 saves.  Rhiannon Dowling and Sydney Zeitler subbed into the game for the first appearances of the season with the Force and had an instant impact.  Liz Oba, putting in some extra effort won the ball and hit a nice cross that the CFC keeper bobbled and Zeitler tapped it away to draw the game back to 1 goal just before half time.

In the second half, more back and forth action as both keepers were kept on their toes with chances by the opposing team.  Wiedbrecht made her 15th save of the game in the 70th minute stopping a ripped shot at the near post. Meanwhile, Kvinsland sent a ball inches over the cross bar  from the right side of the box.

In the 73rd minute, pure speed managed to split through the Force back line and the CFC forward slotted one past Ricci to make the lead 3-1.  The Lady Force kept fighting and turned up the intensity on the Capital goal.  The hard work eventually paid off when Kvinsland received a ball from Oba on the left side of the box and slashed a shot in on the far post to bring the game back within one goal.  With 2 minutes left in regulation Fry broke through and was only kept wanting by a brilliant save from the CFC Keeper.

Five more really good chances in the final two minutes plus stoppage and the final whistle blew without the Force being able to draw level.  "It's frustrating and encouraging at the same time." says Head Coach Jarrett. "They have played well over these first three games and we can ultimately say that if 20 minutes of the first 270 minutes played went just a little better, we could realistically be looking at 4-7 points right now instead of 1 but the effort and the improvement is there.  They fought to the end and almost pulled out a point against a team at the top of the table."

The Lady Force have a bye this weekend but will return to action on June 10th at 5pm at Gordon Field against Twin City Union.  You can get tickets by CLICKING HERE.

Goals: Zeitler, Kvinsland  Assists: Oba (2)

The Force women in recognition of the quality and pride of being represented by Cervesa Modelo have chosen not to select a Player of the Match in games that they lose.  They are honored and proud to have Cervesa Modelo as a sponsor and want to recognize them as such.