Meet the Force: Lauren and K-Lee

Meet the Force: Lauren and K-Lee

K-Lee Haynes and Lauren Kruzner, two centerbacks with similar paths.

Last year, K-Lee was the only player in the NWPL to play every minute of every game from start to finish.  In a difficult season for the Lady Force, she was a constant steady performer in the back.  A hard tackler of the ball with good knowledge on how to read the game and anticipate, she really anchored the defense all season.

During that time, Lauren Kruzner was trying to get her feet back under her.  Recovering and rebuilding her body from a serious knee injury, she started working out with the team early in the season but wasn't able to actually get onto the field until late on into the season.  She is another strong tackler with great vision and experience in the game.  Unfortunately, the number of games these two got to play together was limited due to Lo's injury.

Fast forward one year and Kruzner is healthy.  She is playing well and has been an anchor piece for the Force in their two preseason matches and their first league game last weekend.  So, where is K-Lee?  She is in exactly the same spot Lo was in last year.  Haynes suffered an ACL injury in early September and now she is in the rebuilding process.  She trains with the team every day and is getting stronger in hopes to be able to step back onto the field by the end of the season.  Maybe, one day, we will get to see these two play together side by side...that would truly be a defense to be reckoned with.  With the help from Kitsap Physical Therapy and Silverdale Wellness Center both of these fine centerbacks should be able to finally pair up next season. 

When they aren't on the field for the Force you can usually catch them at Olympic Sports Center.  Lauren either playing indoor or watching her son play and K-Lee running training as the Rising Force Academy Lead Trainer.  In their day jobs Lauren is a nurse and K-Lee teaches Spanish at Peninsula High School.  The location of our partnered event with Harbor Soccer Club later this month.