Liz Oba, Cervesa Modelo Player of the Match, May 21st

Liz Oba, Cervesa Modelo Player of the Match, May 21st

Meet Liz Oba.

Midfielder for the Olympic Force since day one, 3 years ago when we got our feet wet in the WPSL.  She is a Registered Dietician, a workout fanatic, and a passionate soccer player.  To say she isn't big, might be an understatement, but she plays bigger than most on the field.

That was certainly the case on May 21st when the Force played WP-South Sound at Roy Anderson Stadium.  With a nagging knee issue that has been under the watchful eye of the Force Medical Team, Liz needs a little extra time to warm up for games to get that knee working right.  That won't slow her down though.

On Sunday, Liz covered every inch of the pitch.  She chased attackers into her own box and out to the corner flag and then would race the other way and be the first one into the box on the other end.  She started chances, she made tackles, she intercepted passes and as you would expect from the tiny veteran of 3 seasons, she read everything perfectly.  Liz earned the Cervesa Modelo Woman of the Match for Sunday's performance.  A performance unequaled in effort.  Liz very likely could have scored a couple of goals on runs she made but the ball just never quite made it to her.  In the end, the game was 3-1 to South Sound, and the Force very realistically could have tied or won the game in the second half.  But the thing fans at the game will remember, is that the little number 4 was everywhere and everything she did was right.

"One could argue for her to have won the award in every game so far this season but today was exceptional even for her." - Jason Jarrett, Head Coach.

"Liz isn't exceptional at any one skill.  Her dribbling, passing, shooting, tackling, heading...they are all very good, but the two things Liz has that makes her stand out on the field are a fitness level from another galaxy that will allow her to play like it's the kickoff in the 90th minute and the willingness to do whatever it takes.  If the coach wants her to move to another position, wants her to play the position differently, needs her to attack or defend more, she will do it.  But it doesn't stop there.  Sometimes a player can be as fit as a fiddle but what they lack is what sets Liz apart, the ability to make herself go with all her effort no matter how tired or unwilling her body or mind may be.  That is what keeps her on the field and what makes her standout.  That is what we saw this weekend. - Micah McMonagle, GM