Race to the Finish - What Does It All Mean

Race to the Finish - What Does It All Mean


As the Force roll into their final regular season game this Saturday against the Tacoma Stars Reserves, some of you might be looking at the standings and trying to figure out exactly what it all means.  I will help you out with that.

The first thing to note is that the top two teams will host the semi final matches on February 10th, and at this moment the only things decided are that A) Bellingham will host a game, and B) Snohomish will travel to the top seeded team.  The top seed hosts the 4th seed and the 2nd seed hosts the 3rd seed.  The next question is how do the tie breakers line up.  After the league changed the tie breakers for last season, they have changed them back to the original tie breakers for this season.  They are as listed:

Standings Tiebreakers (applied at end of season)
1.Total points
2.Head to head
3.Goal differential
4.Goals against
5.Coin flip

With 18 points and a +16 GD, Bellingham is in the driver's seat for the top seed and are guaranteed to finish in the top two and host one of the semi final matches on February 10th.  However, they haven't yet locked up first place.  If Bellingham should lose to Oly Town Artesians on the 3rd, and Tacoma Stars Reserves wins, AND there is any combination of Bellingham losing and Tacoma winning by enough goals to give Tacoma a better Goal Diff, then Tacoma would finish first.  You might say but what about head to head?  Well they split the season series with each team winning at home.

Who cares you say, what about the Force?  It's really quite simple actually.  If the Force win by 3 goals or more on the 3rd, they will leap frog Tacoma into 2nd place and host a playoff game on the 10th.  If the Force win, they will tie Tacoma on points. Head to Head would then be tied as well as both teams would have won at home.  That would leave Goal Differential.  If the Force do anything other than win by 3 or more goals they will stay in 3rd place.  If the Force do manage to pull of a 3 goal win, this would increase the Force GD to +10 and decrease the Tacoma GD to +9, giving the Force the tie breaker on Goal Differential.

All this really means is we need your help this weekend to produce an amazing atmosphere.  We need kids to bang on the glass with every goal.  We need everyone to stomp their feet on the stands.  We need everyone to drink their honey and lemon tea Saturday so their voices are ready to be heard across the Sound.  Click the Calendar on the home page for the link to get your tickets early.  Let's make some noise together!!!