Diego "The Magic Man" Aceves Represents PLU in Brazil


From day one of the Olympic Force, Diego Aceves has made the most of his time on the field.  During the first indoor season, his sparkling footwork and pinpoint left foot earned him his nickname, and were it not for a stroke of bad decisions in Dallas at Nationals, that left foot almost put the Force into the Semi-finals.  The same could be said for his abilities on the outdoor pitch.  If there is one thing you can count on, Diego Aceves won't leave a field with anything left in the tank.  He gives it all on both sides of the ball and can produce some amazing results.

We wanted to take a moment to congratulate Diego as he will be missed this weekend.  Why?  Oh, because he is one of 15 players traveling Brazil representing the best that D3 collegiate soccer has to offer.  CLICK HERE for more on this story.  Good luck Diego!