Liz Oba Wins First Force Foundation 5K

Liz Oba Wins First Force Foundation 5K

October 21st, 2017

The Force Foundation hosted their first ever 5K to kick off the Force Foundation Day event.  It was a little wet and drizzly, but thankfully there wasn't much wind and it hadn't yet begun to rain heavily that morning when the runners set off from the Employee Lot of Olympic Sports Center.

The run had to be adjusted slightly from the originally planned path that would have taken runners on a tour of Pendergast Park, the home of Olympic Sports Center.  Due to the rains that week leading up to the event day, the runners would unfortunately have to make a couple of circuits around the parking lot instead of around the ball fields of the park.

This did little to dampen the spirits of the runners however.  The Olympic Sports Center, working with the National Guard and the Bremerton Readiness Center had set a path that would leave the park and then do two laps of the BRC trail that follows the perimeter of the complex before coming back to finish through the back of the goal on field 1 of the center for the finish line.

The finish line was breached first by Liz Oba, a midfielder for the Olympic Force Women's NWPL team marking herself as the first ever winner of the race.  At the halfway point she was running in 3rd place out of the group. "I'm not much of a distance runner usually so I needed to stay behind someone to help set my pace", stated Oba. "Once we reached the last quarter mile I knew I could sprint the rest of the way so I just went."  A group of lovely ladies walking the course finished the race in just under an hour to bring the race to an end.

The Force Foundation wants to thank all that participated in this new event and will look to build on the participant numbers for next year.  All runners were given high quality training jerseys and treated to a cold draft from Silver City Brewery for their participation.  McGraw Farmer's Insurance Agency sponsored the event that all the runners said they look forward to next year.