Bremerton Force Select get new kits from Sterling Athletic

Bremerton Force Select get new kits from Sterling Athletic

11.30.17 - Bremerton

Sterling Athletic, located a few miles south of Puyallup, is the uniform provider for the Olympic Force.  There are many questions that are asked of GM Micah McMonagle about that relationship, but the main question is "why Sterling?"

The answer isn't so simple.  The Force have in the past worn Nike uniforms brought about by a relationship with the Soccer Pitch.  The Soccer Pitch was the only real soccer specific store of it's kind of any real quality for 40 miles around.  Unfortunately, due to the difficulties of the Bucklin Hill bridge construction that seemed to last forever, the Pitch wasn't able to survive and had to close its doors.  The result of this severed the relationship with Nike.  So it came to try and find the best uniforms possible for the most reasonable price.  Research by McMonagle led him to a couple of meetings and some long drives to the Sterling offices where he met with Terik Gofinch and through much discussion, a decision was made that Sterling would be the uniform provider for the Force.

"It was a couple of things.  First there was a passion for getting things right and for working with us.  Second, it was a unique situation where we could help them build a soccer line of apparel that didn't exist.  We can wear what they make, give feed back, and they had a willingness to take that feed back and create a better product for us and everyone else" says McMonagle.  "We got our initial kits for the Men's EPLWA outdoor team and they aren't perfect. However, the fact that we are able to give feedback, and get things changed means that our uniforms will continue to get better and more comfortable based on the feedback from the players themselves.  This will ultimately benefit Sterling in a huge way, as they will have a better overall product to offer other groups as well."

Through those changes and adjustments, the Force were able to get Sterling to put together the first ever Women's Long Sleeve Jersey for the Bremerton Force Select team.  It started with a concept that mirrors the Force kits and with some modifications has turned out great.  "The girls seem to love them.  One girl thought it was so nice she made the comment that she was going to wear hers to bed that night."  You can check out a video displaying the new kits below and if you would like to get more information on them for your team, contact