As the Force Grows: Olympic Force Around the World

As the Force Grows: Olympic Force Around the World

Title Picture: A collection of Force gear from the beginning to now.  (counter clock-wise from top left corner) Current Hex-Camo Training Jersey 2017, "Blue Side" Current 2017 Scarf, "Red Side" Current 2017 Scarf, Women's Blue Jersey 2015-current, Yellow Training Jersey 2016, Back view of new Men's Red Jersey by Sterling Athletics, Front view of new Men's Blue Jersey by Sterling Athletics, Inaugural Scarf, Original blue Men's Jersey 2014-2017, Red training jersey 2015.

The Olympic Force continues to grow in the hearts of our fans.  We truly consider you all a part of our extended family and you are starting to share our name with those around the world!  Our players have always represented us well to everyone, something we are very proud of.  However, now it is you the fans that are helping spread the word as well.  How far away, you might ask?  Well, we have pictures all over the northwest and a few in places ranging from Montana to California but we have had Brodie who played in Bolungarvik, Iceland...

Roughly, 3519 miles away.  Then we have center back for the women, K-Lee Haynes who is a Spanish Teacher at Peninsula HS who went on a trip with the school to Spain and got this picture at Catedral de Sevilla, where the Tomb of Christopher Columbus is located...

These pictures are 5,392 miles from our home here in Bremerton, WA!

Finally, we have forward Kevin Flavin.  A mainstay on the Force indoor team traveled for an extended period of time to New Zealand.  This picture was taken with girlfriend Leah in Auckland a massive 6,994 miles from home!

It's pretty fun to see all the places that the Olympic Force name pops up around the globe.  We want to give a quick shout out to super fans Jay and Barb Lovato, who are currently traveling the US visiting all of the MLS Stadiums and proudly displaying the Force Scarf!  Here is what they have sent us so far, with more to come!

SAN JOSE                             LOS ANGELES                            COLORADO

HOUSTON                        DALLAS                       KANSAS CITY

Atlanta's Stadium is still being built so they are hosting games at Georgia Tech until it is completed.